The Union for Sports, Culture and Tourism International in the Postal and Telecommunication Sector



Duties of the President

The President represents the Union in all respects. In particular:

  • He presides over all the meetings of the General Assembly and the Board;
  • He defines the direction of the policies of the union;
  • He represents the Union at sporting, tourist or cultural events;
  • He deals with all legal matters;
  • He maintains contact between the directors and management or member enterprises of the Union and other international organisations whose aims and objectives are similar to those of the Union;
  • He puts in place processes which favour the attraction of new members to the Union;
  • He ensures the distribution of all information relating to the activities of the Union;
  • He ensures the harmonious development of the different areas of activity of the Union;
  • He draws up the “general points” of the annual activity report.

Duties of the Vice-Presidents

The Vice-Presidents are especially charged with the efficient conduct of Union activities. In particular, they will:

  • ensure that the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board are carried out;
  • prepare the detailed annual activity programme;
  • prepare a provisional medium term (3-4 years) activity programme;
  • establish the parameters of these activities (extent, type, conditions, etc.);
  • evaluate the reports of the official Union delegates to the competitions, informing the General Assembly of them and submitting their comments and recommendations;
  • propose, if necessary, draft amendments to the regulations;
  • prepare an annual report on these activities with a view to their inclusion in the Secretary General’s report;
  • track the evolution and tendencies of international activities of interest to the Union;
  • participate in new communications projects with Union members (Internet, etc.).

Duties of the Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for the day-to-day running of the affairs of the Union. He is responsible for:

  • preparing for the General Assemblies and Board meetings;
  • inviting members to the meetings;
  • distributing the agenda and all other information and documentation relevant to the meeting to all the members concerned in good time;
  • collecting and distributing each proposal according to the discussion during the meetings;
  • sending the minutes to all the members of the Union, the Presidents and Members of Honour;
  • keeping up to date the lists of Union members, the members of the Board and the Presidents and Members of Honour;
  • dealing with all internal and external correspondence;
  • establishing contact with organisers of Union events and dealing with information relating to these events;
  • keeping up to date a list of tasks and a schedule to be followed in the organisation of Union events;
  • drawing up an annual activity report from the report of the President and the Vice-Presidents;
  • conserving and classifying the documentation and archives of the Union.

Duties of the Assistant Secretary Generals

The Assistant Secretary Generals assist the Secretary General and the Vice-Presidents in their administrative tasks. They will also:

  • ensure the provision of the reports of the General Assembly and the minutes of the meetings of the Board in English and French;
  • set up a press file on the activities of the Union;
  • deal with any other specific tasks which may be set.

Duties of the Finance Officer

The Finance Officer will have charge of the financial accounts of the Union. In particular, he will:

  • pay the invoices certified by the President;
  • keep the accounts of the Union up to date;
  • prepare the financial report to be submitted to the Accounts Verification Committee;
  • prepare the budget for the next year;
  • check payment of annual subscriptions and highlight non-paying members;
  • make financial investments in agreement with the President;
  • archive and preserve invoices and account books.

Duties of the Union delegate at events

  1. The delegate of the Union is nominated by the General Assembly or by the Board.
  2. The Union delegate shall be the official Union SCIPT representative at a specific event.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary General to inform organisers of events about the appointment of the delegate for that specific event.

The duties of the Union Delegate shall be as follows:

  • The Union Delegate must be fully conversant with the General Regulations of the Union and also the specific regulations of the particular event.
  • During the event the Union Delegate must be in possession of these Regulations and the guidelines for the organisation of Union events and the checklist of that particular event.
  • To liaise with the organiser in order to keep him/herself informed from the outset of steps taken and be able to provide any necessary backup.
    To be the point of reference of the Union with the organiser and provide support on the establishment of the programme for the event together with advice on technical matters.
  • To ensure that the event is conducted in accordance with the regulations of the Union the Delegate is empowered to modify any Union regulation should this be absolutely necessary for the event to continue (see General Regulation No. 1.12).
  • The Union Delegate shall preside at the opening and closing ceremonies of the events where he/she is representing the Union.
  • The Union Delegate should be present at the meeting of Team Leaders and should supervise any draws that are necessary for the event to take place (see General Regulation No. 2.4)
  • Where this is necessary, the Union Delegate shall act as chairperson of the Arbitration committee and shall also examine the certificates of the participants (see General Regulations Nos. 2.3 and 2.6).
  • Within two months of the event the Union delegate must submit a written report to the Secretary General and to the organiser.


Amended in Stockholm 19 March 2001